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Love Potion Health & Healing Wishful Thinking Power of Protection Calming Spirits Sweet Dreams Lucky Charm Money
Send a Spell to Friends on Facebook


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The Truth Behind The Game

A well-established member of New Orleans society, and host to the community’s most spectacular galas, Madame Lalaurie was known as a sweet mannered, gracious and captivating woman…until whispers of secrets beyond human belief grew louder and louder.

Superstition had neighbors speaking of atrocities too graphic in nature hidden within the Lalaurie home: an infamous wall of torture, murder and ghastly scientific experiments being practiced. The chase of a young indentured girl ending with a three story fall to her death AND a mysteriously house fire that would chase Madame LaLaurie out of New Orleans forever…

As one of the oldest and most multi-faceted cities in the United States, New Orleans is filled with tales similar to the LaLaurie’s. But the gruesome horror of this particular chain of events is so dreadful, it stains the city’s memory to this very day.

Spells & Potions

Created for entertainment purposes only.
Love Potion

Love Potion » Share this spell on Facebook.

For those seeking new love. The more you share this with others, the stronger your love potion will become. BEWARE: do not share this with your lover or intended target as things can go seriously awry.

Health & Healing

Health & Healing » Share this spell on Facebook.

For those in need of energy and vibrance. This spell brings the power to heal across all levels and layers from physical to metaphysical. An immediate recovery will ensue as this potion works in conjunction with your body’s self healing process.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking » Share this spell on Facebook.

Consider a wish, something heartfelt, something only the power of magic can help to come true. Keep it clear in your mind and focus. Your wish is about to come true.

Power of Protection

Power of Protection » Share this spell on Facebook.

This magic can be used to protect against negative influences, to counter attack or neutralize someone who wishes you harm. With this powerful spell you’ve been armed against all dangers.

Calming Spirits

Calming Spirits » Share this spell on Facebook.

Banish the negative emotions, anger, sadness or grief from within the body where they do much harm. Regain a calm and relaxed state and ward off invading stresses from your path.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams » Share this spell on Facebook.

You are rewarded with a deeper sleep: refreshing and nourishing. A rest that will reset the energy and balance so you can begin a fresh new day. NOTE: You can only use this magic once. But do not cast it away too quickly. Pass it onto others as the power will restore with each new possessor.

Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm » Share this spell on Facebook.

You are now aligned with fortune & luck. You will be brought to the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, making good intuitive decisions. Your spirit is now open to the natural force of luck, which is coming your way.


Money » Share this spell on Facebook.

Your focus and drive resides in wealth, both mentally & spiritually. You are now attracting money, success, prosperity, fame & abundance. The more wealth you attract, the more powerful this spell will become.

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